Friday, April 07, 2006

Alright, a second post...that's almost a new record! Today at lunch, Burb came up with (what I believe to be) a new word: Bligamist. It's a good word to describe a person with multiple blogs. He is surely a bligimist, but he coined it because of me. I have to say, having thought far too hard about the idea of bligamy, I don't think I am. I have had many blogs, but they've all been one night stand sort of things. Never two blogs or more blogs at the same time. So what does that make me? A blut? Obviously I'm not as awesomely creative as Burb. But if anyone cares to coin a new word for someone who creates and then discards blogs with relish let me know in the comments.

...oh, and does anyone know how I get a title to my posts? I am too dumb to figure it out...


Blogger Burb said...

When you begin typing a new post, there should be a window/cell/field space/something I don't know the name of at the top of your screen.

(It's the smaller, rectangular space.)

That is where your title should go.

The more squarish space that you type the post text is is below the title space-thingy.

8:51 AM  

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