Friday, April 07, 2006

I know what you're thinking...a third post! It's pretty crazy around here. In this post I hope to give a preview of topics to come. To people who know me know I love politics first and foremost, and a good debate secondmost. So in the near future I hope to do some political blogging and maybe someone will comment and have something thought provoking to say or something. Maybe they'll just call me something foul anonymously. Either way, then I would know I wasn't just talking to myself. Anyways, future topics will include: immigration, the Senate and its mind numbingly stupid procedural rules, philosophical determinism, the Gospel of Judas and gnosticism, and a controversial issue to be named later. Oh, and maybe a good funny video clip or something. I like to be entertained. Anyway, thanks for reading my new blog. It already has 2 more comments than all my old blogs combined! I think I have a keeper.


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