Saturday, April 08, 2006

I was going to post something on the Gospel of Judas, which I find fascinating from a historical perspective. But David Kopel of the Volokh Conspiracy who is certainly more intelligent and well informed than I am has written a good post on it here. When I was in college my roommate and I would have heresy days where we would believe in various heresies. Gnosticism was interesting, if not exactly loads of fun to be for a day. It was certainly not hard to accept (if only for a day), that Jesus asked Judas to betray him. It's easier to believe that the canonical version. Why would a friend of Jesus have him killed? I mean, it's Jesus. There's too many hard questions there. But the gnostic version is easy, fewer questions. Anyways, read Kopel's piece if anyone out there is interested in that sort of thing.


Anonymous j. melvin said...

It's sad that you abandoned your xanga...but, c'est la vie. As for the Gospel of Judas - yeah, gotta love those gnostic heresies. The whole concept of Jesus telling Judas to do it because "He wanted His spirit to be free from His body" seems to contradict the whole nature of God as Creator, doesn't it? I mean...seriously....

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