Sunday, April 09, 2006

RANDOM THOUGHTS AFTER WATCHING THE BBC: How come the Brit awards feature such notables as Lenny Kravitz, Kelly Clarkson, Kanye West and Jack Johnson? Sure they're hyping Coldplay, Gorillaz and James Blunt, fine English bands/muscians, but the rest? Kelly Clarkson is an American idol. Kanye hates George Bush sure, but I'd bet he isn't a Blair man either, and besides, there's no denying he's an American. Jack Johnson is a Hawaiian beach bum. Lenny Kravitz, also American (although I did have to look that up...I could have believed he was English, there's just something about him). It just seems sort of ridiculous, especially after the commercial states "Nobody rocks like the Brits, so watch the Brit awards featuring [previous list]. Have you no sense of irony BBC? And that brings me to Madonna...oh Madonna...I know you've moved to England. I know your very happy with Guy Ritchie who is actually British. But let me be frank with you, if you're reading this Madonna (and I know you're not)...nobody, and I mean nobody buys the accent. It just makes you kind of foolish. Consider this an intervention. Also, assuming you're still reading this (if you ever were)...give my kudos to Guy Ritchie, Lock Stock was very good, and Snatch was excellent.


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